David Dondero, Meriwether Raindelay, and Micah Kittelson

It was stupid cold outside last thursday, but that didn't stop Total Drag from filling up quick with all sorts of people drawn by the allure of an incredible folky, singer-songwriter kind of night. David Dondero is an incredibly talented and magical human and I'm so glad he came back to SIoux Falls to play some music for us. Seriously go check out his music!

David Dondero

David Dondero

Before David Dondero took the stage, we had a few local acts playing some beautiful music to tug on your heart strings, like Meriwether Raindelay. I would be lying if I said I've never cried during one of Troy's sets.

Meriwether Raindelay

Meriwether Raindelay

And opening the night was our friend Micah Kittelson with some lovely songs. This was the first time I've seen him perform with someone else and though he sounds great by himself, the percussion element added another level to his songs that felt more full and balanced. Great as always.

Micah Kittelson

Micah Kittelson

Keep Sioux Falls Rad and remember to always support your local art/music/whatever scene!

My top 10 Shows of the year

Trying to focus on the rad parts of 2016 instead of wallowing in the garbage parts of it, so I'm gonna look back at my top ten favorite shows I was able to either shoot or attend this year!

1. BRONCHO at Total Drag (Sioux Falls)

2. Crystal Castles at The Varsity (Minneapolis, MN)

3. Animal Collective at The Orpheum (Sioux Falls, SD)


4. Tame Impala at Red Rocks (Denver, CO)

5. Cloud Dog (Reunion show) at Replay Lounge (Lawrence, KS)

6. The Coathangers at the Barracuda (Austin, TX)

7. Angie Hosh's last show at ICON (Sioux Falls, SD)


8. So Pitted at Total Drag (Sioux Falls, SD)

9. BRONCHO at the Seed Theater (Rapid City, SD)

Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 6.11.13 PM.png

10. The Audacity at Total Drag (Sioux Falls, SD)


Our local scene killed it this year and I'm so totally in love with how much it's grown and all of the beautiful people I have had the opportunity to meet because of it.. also incredibly thankful that I got to travel so much this year, by myself and with some awesome pals, to go see all sorts of cool shows.

I know that things will only continue to grow here and I'm super stoked to be a part of it!

Keep Sioux Falls Rad.