Welcome to the internet website home of DoeDeer Photography, the artist moniker for Merecedes Nelson. Sioux Falls, South Dakota has always been her home, though from the time she was little roadtrips all over the nation have been a huge part of her life and one of her biggest influences. Nature, music, and all things magical draw her attention and fuel her creative ideas.

A Canon 5d Mark ii and several 35mm film cameras including her lovely Olympus OM-1 are all Merecedes needs to bring visions to life. If you ever don't hear from her for days at a time she can most likely be found in the dark room experimenting with strange, long forgotten processes.

Merecedes has begun to make a name for herself documenting the local music scene and is officially partnered with Total Drag, a rad record store and all ages venue located in Sioux Falls. She has also shown her fine art photography in galleries around South Dakota. Check out the contact page to book a shoot for your band (live or promo shots), album art, or whatever other photographic needs you have!


All photos on this site were taken by Merecedes Nelson.